Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2323 Project Part 2 - Placing

Well like usual scope creep has reared it's ugly head. Well since this is my project and money I guess that is ok. This project has now gone from six pieces in the kitchen to include some vanities a shower box and an integral window box.
I've seen some guys recently cover the melamine edges with painter's tape and am giving it a try. So far it seems to help with cleanup some and probably prevents some swelling.  
The first two pieces were a large plain countertop and the sink section. The mix is my el-cheapo  ($5.5/sf) GFRC mix with some Cheng integral color.
They were stripped after 2 days and lightly wet-ground. There were only a couple bug holes and prep was very minimal. The cell phone didn't take too good of pictures of the ground texture and I will have to remember to bring the real camera along next time.
The next step for these is burnishing and sealing. When GFRC works well it is unbelievable how little work is involved after placing. 


  1. Help! I've created penny tiles for my concrete basement bathroom and have conflicting ideas on what to seal them with. (I want it to be clear so you can see the pennies). I bought Cabot Marine sealer, but some say its too soft. Others, too hard, shows scratches. Should I get Poly instead. Shew ... Any thoughts?? Many thanks! Susanne

  2. Susanne, Marine is very hard and durable. We used some in our old bathroom and never saw any scratches. I don't have any experience beyond that.