Sunday, May 19, 2013

Buffon Residence: Final Installation Photos

The Buffon residence is cleaned up for appraisal so I took the opportunity to grab some finished pictures. The entire project consisted of twelve sections which included one giant 4 ft by 12 ft island.
The color is dark grey with a urethane sealer.



Half bath off the kitchen.

Full bath. 

Extra panels used for the color check were cut down for the fireplace surround. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coming Soon

Some very cool things are cooking over at creating concrete countertops. I have developed a series of low cost countertop mixes that will be marketed regionally. Along with these will come a series of training sessions. The mixes include a 1) pressed mottled finish, 2) standard countertop, 3) self-consolidating mixture, 4) glass fiber reinforced concrete face coat, 5) glass fiber reinforce concrete backer coat, 6) self consolidating fiber reinforced mixture, and 7) fiber reinforced pressed mixture for unique shapes and furniture.
In preparation for the training courses I will provide a complete how to for mold construction, concrete placement, through finishing. I am evaluating some new sealers and application techniques that should prove helpful to the budget-minded person. The whole point of this exercise is to let the average or slightly handier than average person create some great products. I'm making some new planters which should be a nice project to show the new techniques.