Friday, September 9, 2011

Self Consolidating Pervious Concrete Pool Deck

So between being very busy at school and studying for my professional engineering exam, I haven't done much in the way of countertops. So to keep the blog from getting too stale, here is an interesting post from a job I worked on this summer. Slip and fall is a big concern both on icy pavement and wet pavement, especially kids running around pools. I got a project to develop a pervious concrete mix to put around a pool deck at a Holiday Inn. These pictures are from a test pour done this summer. The test is in the mechanical room so there are way too many pipes under the concrete than recommended.

This was a very special mix. It has a new internal curing admixture which helps flowability and doesn't require curing under plastic. The concrete was brought in by wheelbarrow and finished by hand.

It was knocked down with a 2x4 and finished with a mag float. The pervious has fibers in it so there shouldn't be any issues with cracking.

A nice consistent surface.

There were two placement with different colors. This is a week later after pouring a bottle of water on each. It went through pretty quick.