Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Concrete Happenings

Here's a quick update so it doesn't look like I have fallen off the planet. On the concrete front I have been helping a neighbor prep his concrete floors for a skimstone treatment. Once it goes in I will post some pictures. The floor wasn't level and had big gaps around the slab edges that had to be filled. That's work that must be done but isn't much to look at.
I will be working on further refining the shotcrete mixes. I am rethinking some of the latex addition rates to try and get something that shoots better. After I shoot the next set of panels I will be doing another round of sealer durability tests but on polished sections. The last round had what I would consider, poor performance. All of the concrete was only a week old and hadn't been polished so the pores were very open. I have at least two large countertop projects coming up this year and they both will be sprayed.
This week has been very busy. I have been at concrete meetings in Washington DC and at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas. I was named one of the five most influential people in the concrete industry, which is pretty cool.
Should be a busy year.