Sunday, April 12, 2009

Concrete Fireplace Surround

The next concrete at home project is replacing this beige tile fireplace surround with a concrete one. The surround will be flat black concrete and be a little thicker and taller than the current version. Afterward the gas log will be removed and replaced with a low profile burner and crushed glass. The tile was held on with a combination of mortar and construction adhesive. Either way the underlying material is very rough and will create a great bond with the new concrete.
Pretty standard melamine construction. This mold used (2) 24"x48" pieces which cost about $20.
The new concrete will be about 1 1/2" out from the original. Because of the small clearance the concrete will have a maximum aggregate size of 3/8" to allow placement.
Since the floor is concrete and I did not want to drill into the slab, the mold has feet out from the front and back. Silicone adhesive was used to seal the mold to the concrete and glue it into place. It will be fine as long as the concrete is not vibrated too much during placement. In order to accomplish this, the concrete for this placement will be self consolidating.
Due to the upcoming volume of pieces that will be created this summer I have started modifying a prebagged quikcrete mixture for various applications. By adding additional supplementary cementitious materials, admixtures, and fibers I have created mixtures both for inside use and outside. Once the testing matrix is complete I will post the results of my research.

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  1. any progress on this? I am looking to do something similar with my fire place.