Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fiber Optic Illuminated Concrete Bar Top Project

The next concrete project is underway. This is a top for a bar/buffet. The concrete will be regular grey with crushed Murano glass and fiber optics.
The mold is pretty standard construction, 3/4" melamine with caulked edges. I only had white caulk so it blends in. The dimensions are 62"x13"x2".

The shape of this piece is pretty straightforward, however I am trying a few new techniques on this one. An abstract shape was drawn on painters tape and removed. Spray glue will be used to seed the red crushed glass in this pattern. The fiber optics will be glued to the back of the crushed glass in this section so the shape will glow through the glass.
I picked up some highly recommended low VOC semi-penetrating epoxy for this top. I haven't been real happy with the sealer/wax setup and don't like the thickness of traditional epoxy. Hopefully this new type will be the answer, stay tuned.

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  1. Jon, great idea you had here. I am running down the same line of creating an illuminated bar for my basement next month. Did you manage to get your project completed? Any great photo's of your project to show off?