Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Concrete Grill Countertop

The rebuild of the built-in grill for the Big Green Egg is complete. The countertop is prebagged Type S mortar with 1:1 latex to water and the equivalent of 5 pcy polypropylene fibers. It was cast grey and then slurried with a darker Portland cement latex slurry.

A cutout was cast in place for a mahogany cutting board supplied by studio build.

Drain channels were formed under the cutting board with clay and some green color was randomly placed on the mold.

Last weekend we had a party and it seemed to get the job done.

Studio Build and I just received a job to construct 50 concrete design awards. The originals are going to be constructed from wood and cast into a polyurethane mold. Stay tuned, I am going to use it as an opportunity to refine my home made mortar design.